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At Fortune Constructions, they believe in strong customer focused services. The Fortune Constructions is one of the few to be providing a range of pre occupancy services to make the experience of buying a home easy. Designed by highly qualified professionals, these services are so designed to provide 360 degree help right from legal and banking related assistance, customization, and payment schedule to the final possession of the property.

  1. Agreement of Sale : Once both the parties, the Buyer and the Builder agree upon the Sale Consideration, they enter into an ‘Agreement of Sale’. The Care Team will be responsible to co-ordinate with Finance & Legal (F&L) team in preparing the Agreement of Sale, which shows the willingness of both the parties on all conditions & commitments, which will cover the following points
  i. Flat Number & Floor area
  ii. Sale Consideration
  iii. Corpus Fund
  iv. Specification & Amenities.
  v. Car parking & Number
  vi. Payment mode & Conditions
  vii. Schedule of Flat
  2. Availing Loan : As per the Payment Schedules that have been agreed upon, the F&L Team will actively involve itself and assist the customer in availing Home loan. If the Customer wants to go for his banker out of his personal interest, he/she can do so. After the Legal clearance is obtained, scrutiny and verification of all the documents is completed, the loan amount will be sanctioned and would be ready for the disbursement.

3. Registration :  The Registration Process starts after receiving the Confirmation from the Banker about the sanction of Loan. Based on Bankers requirement and Customer Feasibility, the Flat will be registered. After the documentation, by paying the concern stamp duties and registration fees at the bank, customer has to register his flat for loan disbursements.

F&L Team will take up the entire process of Registration by contacting the Documentation Writer, Advocate and Others, who will do the registration in fastest way and will help in obtaining the completed set of documents at the earliest. At the end, both the parties can go to the Registrars Office and sign the documents in front to Sub – Registrar.

For this complete process Rs.6,000/- to Rs.10,000/- (depends up on floor area & others) will be charged extra on ‘stamp duty & documentation charges’; since the registration process takes more man-hours, strain & risk and also involves more unofficial expenses, which cant be accountable.

Customer should give Post dated cheques for the total sale consideration before registration excluding the amount paid in advance, since the flat owner rights will be registered on the customer. The given post-dated cheques will be returned back in a phased manner as we receive the scheduled payments.

  4. Customization – I :

The Customer is introduced to the Care Team once the Financial Sources of the Customer is ascertained from the Banker or after receiving 1st scheduled payment by customer himself by own funds. The Care Team will coordinate with the customer in all aspects (relating to flat) until possession of Flat and act as single point communication center for all customization relating to house, To personalize finishes & fittings of the flat.

In the First part of Customization, immediately after the Agreement of sale, Customer has to decide the following internal specifications:

  1. Flat plan [Walls, Windows, Shelves.]
  2. Plumbing points.
  3. Electrical Points
  4. Shelves, chajjas & designs
  5. Type of Sanitary & Bath fittings(as design varies according to type of fittings).

Level of customization will vary depending on the stage of construction during the purchase of flat. If the flat is bought in the earlier stages of construction, you can personalize the flat to greater extent.

Customization: Final small changes in designs, finishes in interiors to make more personalized.

    If changes are deviating for planned defaults it will attract extra charges
& if some materials are to be deducted it will be adjusted during the final
ac settlement, in such cases please collect the deduction invoice form care

Extra(s): The Estimated Budget is prepared for the modified job (work order) after taking the customer point of view and ideas are given to the Customer by the Care Executive. Once the Customer approves and pays the amount of Estimate, The Care team will then coordinate with Execution & Purchase team to execute the job.

This estimate to be paid with in three working days if not it is assumed as not interested and technical team will continue with the default plans.

  5. Payment schedule :
  (Based on stage of construction).
  Before structure with in 10 day from date
Of agreement of sale 25% of flat cost.
After Structure [Slab & Columns] 25%
After Brick work & walls 20%
After Plastering 10%
After Flooring 10%
After Electrical Work 10%
  If flat is bought after casting structure for the respective flat payment should paid according to the stage of construction.
  Payment(s): Based on the completion of work portion – respective amount should be paid by the customer with a maximum period of 10 Days’. In case of delay in the payment would attract 2.5% interest per month. It is responsibility of the customer to see that payments disbursed by the bank on or before the scheduled date if availing loan, As bank will take at least one week to process the scheduled payment after instructing. Delay in Loan disbursement also attracts the interest and conditions mentioned above.
  *Note: Disbursements varies from bank to bank & customer Request
  6. Customization – II :
  The Second part of Customization is taken up, once all the plastering works are completed. This gives the Customer to choose the final look of the interiors like the Colors, Flooring, and Bath Fittings including the following
  1. Paints – Colors [Min of 10 color options will be given, from which 3 different colors can be chosen for each flat]
  2. Ceramic tiles in Baths [Min of 4 Concepts will be given]
  3. Flooring
  4. Final Bath fittings
  7. Possession Process :
  Once flat is completed, you have to inspect the flat, sign the Flat acceptance letter as given in annexure 5.
  Customers should inspect their flat thoroughly before acceptance.
  Complaints/corrections are invited and are immediately taken up for
  Only service towards leakages in plumbing lines or seepages & those covered in guarantee card as stated in annexure 6 will be serviced form support team at free of cost for one year.
  Intimate FL team well in advance (at least 3 days) to prepare final A/c statement so as serve you better.
  FL team will issue a No due certificate towards flat, Account Statement, procession letter, gate pass & all the keys.
  Customers should intimate the possession date at least 5 days prior after completing the above formalities for cleaning purpose.
  Gate pass must be produced at the site Security.
  *Note: Customer should give their acceptance letter before the possession, indicating that all concern flat works have been fulfilled – in failure of which, would be assumed that the customer has been satisfied completely.
  8. Handing Over :
  After the Customer occupies the flat, FL Team will handover all the documents including all the warranty/ guaranties and all other concerned documents as detailed below related to the flat is handed over to the Customer.
    – Handover Kit – Personal
    Original documents
      Photos during construction
      Possession letter etc.
      Property Tax
      Electricity & Water
      Car parking letter
      Flat material warranties
      Handover letter
    Warranties /guaranties:
      Bath Fittings
      Water Softener
      Water proofing
      Plumbing material
      Sanitary Ware
    Duplicate documents
      Flat Sale deed & Agreement of Construction.
      Link documents
      Plans & Other Supporting Documents, if any
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